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AFDI Poster on MUNI

Saw this on MUNI yesterday. I’ve been reading about right-wing radicals in Germany, but had no idea I’d see stuff like this in San Francisco.

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I thought Citizenfour was quite powerful as a humanizing portrayal of Snowden. I didn’t learn anything new particularly about NSA programs, since I’ve been reading each story I come across, but the film quite effectively transported me into Snowden’s hotel … Weiterlesen

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5ifth Estate

Watched The 5ifth Estate yesterday on disc, and found it to be largely a character assassination of Assange. I enjoyed Daniel Brühl, liked seeing Berlin, and was glad to see a movie depicting the Collateral Murder incident, but overall found the … Weiterlesen

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Booz Allen

I just received this invitation and am in something of a quandary: should I stay in San Francisco, or take a job with Booz Allen getting my hands dirty defending our nation with mission focused work in Fort Meade, MD? Decisions, decisions … … Weiterlesen

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Favorite Movies

Reading through on-line profiles of single women my age I’ve come across several women who list their favorite movie as Forrest Gump. I kid you not, Forrest Gump. Getting towards the bottom of a margarita and looking forward to Citizen … Weiterlesen

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