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In the conjuncture of ‚Antinomies’—this was as true of Hobsbawm or Gerratana as of myself—we were writing of a different era: a time when there had recently been the largest mass strike in history in France, the overthrow of a … Weiterlesen

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Ein Blick in die Berufsstatistik eines konfessionell gemischten Landes pflegt mit auffallender Häufigkeit eine Erscheinung zu zeigen, welche mehrfach in der katholischen Presse und Literatur und auf den Katholikentagen Deutschlands lebhaft erörtert worden ist: den ganz vorwiegend protestantischen Charakter des … Weiterlesen

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Absent some new realignment, we face an unsettled terrain with no broadly legitimate hegemonic ruling bloc—nor any clear and credible counterhegemonic challenger. In this situation, the most likely near-term scenario is a series of pendulum swings, with governments oscillating back … Weiterlesen

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Generally, financialized capitalism is the era of „governance without government“—which is to say, that of domination without the fig leaf of consent. In this regime, it is not states but transnational governance structures such as the European Union, World Trade … Weiterlesen

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Essential to its functioning, public power is part and parcel of the institutionalized societal order that is capitalism. Nevertheless, the maintenance of political power stands in tense relation with the imperative of capital accumulation. The reason lies in capitalism’s distinctive … Weiterlesen

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Joe Biden, das kleinere Übel

SZ: Spiegel:

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Letzte Generation, St Thomas Kirche

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Daniel Ellsberg on Discord and the power of leaks

Washington Post:

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The United States of Paralysis

Chris Hedges, Scheer Post: As research by professors Martin Gilens and Benjamin I. Page underscores, our political system has turned the consent of the governed into a cruel joke. “The central point that emerges from our research is that economic elites … Weiterlesen

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